[Cynful] Clothing & Co. News 11/01/2015

Hello lovely women of second life 🙂
We hope you are having a great weekend… We have some wicked news for you today.

[Cynful] Ultsch Fit

.Sad November. starts today and were happy to sponsor this awesome Event along with other awesome sponsors and designers!!

We felt that this item needs an update.. its an awesome full outfit, especially for the colder days! 😀

The Ultsch Fit now includes following sizes:

* Standart sizing (XXS-L)
* Curvy Sizes (XXS – L)
* Belleza (Venus, Freya + Isis)
* Maitreya (Lara)
* Slink Physique + Hourglass

Each color is hud controlled and its packed!

15 Buckle + Zipper Metals
16 Belt + Scarf Colors
18 different pant Colors

– Scarf can be worn optional –

◄ Maintstore ►

[Cynful] Hoodie Dress – For the MIX Event!

We are super busy, but that doesn’t mean that we cant find the time for a super sale item! 😀
We´ve updated also the Hoodie Dress and it now includes following sizes:

* Standart sizing (XXS-L)
* Belleza (Venus, Freya + Isis)
* Maitreya (Lara)
* Slink Physique + Hourglass

Each color is gonna be available for the MIX Category Sale and will be sold with a 50% discount.

Also, each color is hud controlled.

It comes with 3 different textures versions (Plain, Silver emblem/wings and gold emblem/wings), 4 string versions, 15 metal colors for the zipper, 8 shirt colors and you also have the option to hid the shirt part for more cleavage! ♥

This item will only be sold with the discount price during the event… afterwards it will be full-priced again!

MIX is a HUD based monthly event featuring up to 100 of your favourite brands.
There is no main venue and no wait to get your hands on exciting content!
Each month, designers will put out an item in their main store that will fall into one of the categories:

– NEW –

– SALE –


You can find the mix hud in our mainstore and on marketplace.

[Cynful] Bonita Vest

The Cosmopolitan even it still running, so you have still some time to get your hands on this uber sexy vest 🙂

This really sexy denim vest which will be available at the event in 8 different colors.

Each color is hud controlled (2 Versions – Denim new or used) and the Buttons come with 10 color choices.

Sizes are:

* Belleza (Venus, Isis + Freya)
*Maitreya Lara
*Slink (Physique + Hourglass)
*Classic sizes (XXS – L)

◄ Events ►

The Dressing Room Fusion

[Cynful] Lotta Sass Dress

The Dressing room fusion is running till sunday so you still have a chance to grab this awesome dress!

Available in 3 specials!

These versions are not hud controlled but come in following sizes:

* Belleza (Venus, Isis + Freya)
* Maitreya Lara
* Slink (Physique)
* Classic sizes (XXS – L)

The Dressing room fusion is going to change.. The looks among a lot of other things of the event are going to be updated. During the month November it will be closed. After that you will see a new Dressing room fusion! 🙂

We also have 5 lucky boards in the mainstore. Two of them contain non updated items. Three boards contain updated items and some recent items, they also contain recent event items. So come try your luck at the mainstore. Maybe you are lucky enough to win something you actually wanted to purchase 🙂

Well ladies thats it for now. All we can say is, Happy shopping!


Cyn, Promise & Team


Cynthia´s Marketplace
Promise´s Marketplace
Angelina´s Marketplace



Cynful banner marketplace2
Happy Shopping,
♥ Cyn, Pro + Team
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