[Cynful] Clothing & Co. News 09/13/2015

  Hello gorgeous ladies,

We hope you had a wonderful week, are you ready for some awesome news again?

◄ Maintstore ►

[Cynful] Xo crop top

 You’ll love it like xo!This crop top is a simple but bold statement to add to your fashionista closet.

Sizes included:
Belleza > Venus > Isis > Freya
Slink Physique
Lara Maitreya
5 Standard sizes.

30 different and fun colors available to choose from.

In the mainstore & on marketplace

[Cynful] Lotta Sass Dress (for the MIX event).

You still can get your hands on this ….. the mix event is running until september 30th.

Its been some time that promise and Cynthia have been working on something together! But they finally found the time and made something awesome! ♥

If you mix cute and sexy together you get the Lotta Sassy dress! This skirt comes with the folowing:

Each jean color includes:
2 Jean Washes
16 skirt colors
5 Standard Sizes
3 Belleza Sizes
The Maitreya Lara and Slink Phy Size.

We created the Lotta Sassy Dress for the categorie NEW!

MIX is a HUD based monthly event featuring up to 100 of your favourite brands.
There is no main venue and no wait to get your hands on exciting content!
Each month, designers will put out an item in their main store that will fall into one of the categories:

– NEW –

– SALE –


You can find the mix hud in our mainstore.

◄ Updates ►

[Cynful] P.A.C. Leather Skirt

This cute Leather is updated and comes now in the following sizes:
* Standard sizing (XXS-L)
* Belleza venus/Freya/Isis
* Maitreya Lara (test size)
* Slink Physique

If you already own one of the P.A.C. Leather skirts you can simply update it by using the redelivery terminal. These are located inside the store.

[Cynful] She Bad Denim Dress

This sexy dress is updated and comes now in the following sizes.
* Standard sizing (XXS-L)
* Belleza venus/Freya/Isis
* Maitreya Lara (test size)
* Slink Physique
If you already own one of the She Bad Dresses you can simply update it by using the redelivery terminal. These are located inside the store.

Future updates will be sold as:

Not hud controlled items will be able to be redelivered.

Hud controlled items will be sold for a small fee as an add on.
** Event items are not updated **

◄ Events ►

The Dressing Room Fusion
[Cynful] Beach Dress

The new Dressing Room Fusion item is the awesome and very versatile Beach Dress in 3 different colors. And they are only 70 lindens each! And Cynthia was yet again in a very generous mood and has put them out total hud controled! Meaning each color comes in 10 stripe versions! Because you can change it and the stripes are thin your dress gets a complete different look if you change the stripes!

Every color comes in the following sizing:
– standard sizing (XXS-L)
– Beleza Venus, Freya and Isis
Maitreya Lara
And Slink Physique (2)

[Cynful] P.A.C Saving Sight Specials

Deadpool owner Shane is needing our help with his fight against his Graves Disease/Thyroid eye disease.

Available from September 12th for the Saving Sight Fundraiser.
More Information here:




What is Graves Disease/Thyroid eye disease?

We made 3 specials of the P.A.C. set for the Saving Sight Event.

– P.A.C. Leather top
This is a layered style top. This top comes with an Omega/Slink physique applier

– P.A.C. Leather skirt.
This skirt comes in the folowing sizes:
* Standard sizing (XXS-L)
* Belleza Venus/Freya/Isis
* Maitreya Lara (test size)
* Slink Physique

– P.A..C. Chain heels
These shoes are for Slink High feet.


We also have 5 lucky boards in the mainstore. Two of them contain non updated items. Three boards contain updated items and some recent items, they also contain recent event items. So come try your luck at the mainstore. Maybe you are lucky enough to win something you actually wanted to purchase 🙂

Well ladies thats it for now. All we can say is, Happy shopping!


Cyn, Promise & Team

Cynthia´s Marketplace
Promise´s Marketplace
Angelina´s Marketplace



Cynful banner marketplace2
Happy Shopping,
♥ Cyn, Pro + Team
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