[Cynful] Clothing & Co. News 08/02/2015

[Cynful] Clothing & Co.

Happy Sunday Ladies!

We are hoping you are enjoying this fine Sunday ❤ We have some awesome news for you 😀

◄ Maintstore ►

[Cynful] Bandau Jeans Skirt

This hot sexy skirt is now available in jeans!

Each Color is hud controlled and comes in 2 Jean Washes, 15 metal options for Buckle and 10 Belt colors!

This Skirt also comes in 10 sizes:
– Standard Sizes
– Belleza Venus
– Belleza Isis
– Belleza Freya
– Maitreya Lara ( Test Size )
– Slink Physique
– and, as usual the standard sizes should work just fine with the Mesh Project body as well!

This skirt is available in the mainstore and on marketplace.

[Cynful] Beach Dress (for the MIX event)

We created a Beach Dress for the categorie NEW!
Each color is HUD controlled, comes in 10 stripe versions and includes Standart sizing (XXS-L), Belleza (Venus, Freya + Isis), Maitreya (Lara) + Slink Physique (2) sizes!

MIX is a HUD based monthly event featuring up to 100 of your favourite brands.
There is no main venue and no wait to get your hands on exciting content!
Each month, designers will put out an item in their main store that will fall into one of the categories:

– NEW –

– SALE –


You can find the mix hud in our mainstore or visit the website for more information:  http://mixeventsl.com/about/


◄ Events ►

The Mesh Body Addict Fair

[Cynful] Wrapped Dress

This hot sexy dress come in 20 different colors!

Each color comes in 10 sizes:
Standard Sizes (XXS – L)
Maitreya Lara
Belleza (Venus, Freya + Isis)
Slink Physique 2

The Dressing Room Fusion
[Cynful] Denim Short

This awesome low rise short is a must have for summer! And you can get it at the Dressing Room Fusion. This round runs until august 7th so you have a few days left to get your hands on them 🙂

Each Color is hud controlled and comes with 3 jean washes, 22 belt + 16 metal color options!

So you get 3 in 1 for only 70 lindens!♥

Also, each color comes in 10 sizes:
– 5 Standard Sizes
– Belleza Venus
– Belleza Isis
– Belleza Freya
– Maitreya Lara ( Test Size )
– Slink Physique

The Lexi Project
[Cynful] She Bad Denim Dress

This event is running till august 8th. So you still have time to get the exclusive version of the She Bad Denim Dress and show your support.

LOTS of creators are getting together to create something so BIG and touching.

Lexi Zelin, the owner of AngelRED Couture is badly in need for help.

Lexi has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is in desperate need of funds to assist in paying her medical bills / expenses as she is unable to work. Lexi is only 28 years old, mother of one beautiful little girl and plays an important role within SecondLife by creating high quality, full permission mesh apparel, paving the way for many people in the virtual world to have the freedom of opening a store.

And the creators/customers community of SL is showing huge amount of support! ♥

Now to the product: We have added two more Sizes (Belleza Freya + Isis) to the She Bad Denim Dress which isalso available in the Mainstore as add on.

Each of those Special Ombre colors include 3 Jean washes (Normal, Used and splattered) and lots of metal colors. The Chainbelt can also be hidden! All Sizes will be included in these Specials.

These 4 special colors will be never sold after and the proceeds from those sales will be donated 100% to Lexi Zelin.

Well ladies thats it for now. All we can say is, Happy shopping!


Cyn, Promise & Team




https://www.flickr.com/groups/cynful/ flickr

Cynful banner marketplace2
Happy Shopping,
♥ Cyn, Pro + Team
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