[Cynful] Clothing & Co. News 07/05/2015

[Cynful] Clothing & Co.

Well hello there wonderful ladies.

We hope you are enjoying your sunday. We have 2 new releases and ofcourse a new Dressing Room Fusion item.

◄ Maintstore ►

[Cynful] Denim Short

The [Cynful] Denim Short is a must have for every closet!

Each Color is hud controlled and comes with 3 jean washes, 22 belt + 16 metal color options!

So you get 3 in 1! ♥

Also, each color comes in 10 sizes:

– 5 Standard Sizes

– Belleza Venus

– Belleza Isis

– Belleza Freya

– Maitreya Lara ( Test Size )

– Slink Physique

[Cynful] Halter Top

This Cute halter top is a layered style top in 18 different different colors. You can mix this up with your favorite jeans or whatever you like.

Appliers are included for :

(You may need to purchase a separate script for the particular body part you want the omega applier to work for.Those can be found at the link provided below..along with information about the Omega System.)

**Slink Physique

**The Mesh Project

Future updates will be sold as:

Not hud controlled items will be able to be redelivered.

Hud controlled items will be sold for a small fee as an add on.
** Event items are not updated **

◄ Events ►

The Dressing Room Fusion

[Cynful] Chainbelt Dress

This ever so sexy and amazing Chainbelt Dress is the TDRF item for upcoming 2 weeks for only L$ 70

Three Special versions for the Dressing Room Fusion! ♥

Those Specials are not hud controlled, however, each color comes in 12 sizes:

– Standard

– Belleza Venus

– Maitreya Lara

– Slink Physique

– Phatazz + Cuteazz

Well ladies thats it for now. All we can say is, Happy shopping!


Cyn, Promise & Team




https://www.flickr.com/groups/cynful/ flickr

Cynful banner marketplace2
Happy Shopping,
♥ Cyn, Pro + Team
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