[Cynful] Clothing & Co. News! 09/07/2014

Happy Sunday! So many events and of course new releases in the Main-store, af! 😀
Details as usual below! ♥

Remeber the Distrcit 5 event?
I personally loved this event so much and it just stopped a couple of days ago…

The [Cynful] Society Dress comes in 14 different colors!

Its a super cute strapless dress which allows you to mix and match just the way you like it.
It comes in 5 standard Sizes, 2 Cuteazz, 2 Phatazz and the Ghetto No.1 Size!

Each color is hud controlled for the leather belt (10 different leather textures as well as 4 different buckle textures)

Tango appliers separately!

Also i made an addon for the so loved [Cynful] skinny jeans!
It´s not a secret that this is one of my favorite items ive ever did and a lot of customers ask me to “recreate” the mesh into a curvier sized verson.
It works just like the overknee addon ..you have to buy the normal skinny jeans so you can use the add on hud. 

The [Cynful] Update group has an outfit available for group members for a limited time ..its super cute!
We all love taking Celfies right ? 🙂 go check it out ladies!

Group Fee is 150L

And here the SL Link to join the group ❤

 So now, lets get to the ongoing and about-to-start-events ♥

The SWAG Fair 2 started August 30th!

Promise and i literally worked our asses off that suit! lmao.

The Dime Piece Sweatshirt  & the Dime Piece Sweatpants!

Each color comes with 3 different wording (Twerk, Dope and Diva) as well as a plain version, 3 metal options for the stripes (Gold, Silver and black), 12 metal colors for either Zipper or Drawstring Holes and 2 different Drawstring colors.

Lots of options huh lol…

Hope you guys like it!


The Big Show – Round 3: Starts today (September 7th @ 7am slt)

What is better then a comfy hoodie you can wear WITH you Tango/Mirage and dress up all comfy yet sexy? Right 😛

Angelina and i thought about it for a longer time, to remodel the Spring Hoodie into a Tango/Mirage friendly version. It´s being sold as an add-on, which means it more or less works the same way as the other add-on´s released 😛

You have to own or purchase the normal version to be able to add an texture onto the item!

The add-on version comes however without the top version – obviously lol ❤


Then, we have the Dressing Room Fusion.

Three Special colors for the Little denim skirt!

Its a skirt modeled out of the oh so loved bell bottom jeans, so the belt ad-ons are compatible with those skirts as well.

Each color is hud controlled and contains 3 jean textures – regular, washed & xtream. 4 metal options and 8 standard belt colors.
You can hide and show the belt/ buckle.

As usual, each color is being sold for 70 lindens until the event is over! ❤

And last but not least, the Thift Shop no.6 is about to start!

September 10 – October 1

The [Cynful] Skinny Jeans [Curvy] will be available in a special ripped/layered texture.
8 different colors, hud controlled for the belt and 2 jean texture choices! ♥

Almost all  [Cynful] Clothing & Co Items (except current Event Items) are available on Marketplace – please click following banner to be forwarded:
Cynful banner marketplace2


Happy Shopping,
♥ Cyn


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