[Cynful] Clothing & Co . – SO-MANY-EVENTS!

Hiiii Cynful babydolls ❤
Get those credit cards out …theres tons of new goodies…and ive come to learn shopping is cheaper then a psychologist 🙂

First Stop..Taxiiii take us to the With Love Fair 🙂
Here you will find the [Cynful] Clothing & Co. Cardigan.
This sleek, posh , form fitting piece is exactly what we need to transition us into the warmer spring months.
No better way to say ” I Love You” then giving a gift with love.
Available in 4 colors, hud controlled, with button metal change. Tango Appliers are sold seperately.
Also, a couple of red/white/pink/purple items have been discounted to 50% off @ the With Love Fair.
You must go there to see what they are 😀

Febuary 7th – Febuary 21

More Informations about the Event, here:
• Blog:  http://wedosl.blogspot.com.br/h
• Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/withlovefair
• Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/withlovefair/

Starts February 7th

Taxiiiiiiii –  Next stop for us babydolls is the Thrift Shop!
Cynful’s first time in this event so we are excited yo!!
Make room in your shopping bag because here we have the [Cynful] Eve Britches.
Available in 8 special colors ( 4 Ombres + 4 Solids)  2 cuff versions – flare & skinny,
also comes with Linc Azz applier.

These jeans are a must ….they work if you want to be sexy , they work if you want to be casual.
The huge array of colors gives us endless possibilities! Snatch them up @ a special price of 50% off!

 Also in the Thrift Shop Cyn went all boss like on us and put a gacha!
Gachas run the world in my opinion, its like going to vegas lol See how lucky you can get @ 30L a play for the
[Cynful] gloves. 6 common & 2 rare available.

More Informations:

Begins February 8th until March 7th

 A new event for everyone, well kinda!
The Boobie Show and the Azz Show are going to be merged into one event called The Big Show.
Screams all school girl like! Lets get exciteddddd 🙂
Have your dude carry your bags at this point so you can grab the [Cynful] Shimmy Top.
This piece is so customizable you can pair it with almost anything …or nothing 🙂 and it will still look flattering.
The Ruffles , band and straps are HUD color controlled. Available in 8 Ombre colors with the option for black or white. Also theres hide options for the straps, or choose them im Black or White.
Tango appliers are includesdand works with phat + cute azz.

Taxiiiiiiiii – last stop for the babydolls, our jimmy choos hurt our toes ❤ FLASH SALE!
This sale event is every Saturday only ….30 designers with an item priced @ 50-75L.
Available in [Cynful] Clothing & Co. Mainstore only are the [Cynful] Skinny jeans.
Three cuff versions – cuff, without cuff & boot version.

Reminder- after u have iced your toes up from all the shopping 🙂
The Dressing Room Fusion still has one week left.
Until Friday you can grab the [Cynful] Aphrodisia + Bandau Skirt.

Did you know? Almost all  [Cynful] Clothing & Co Items (except current Event Items) are available on Marketplace – please click following banner to be forwarded:
Cynful banner marketplace2


Happy Shopping,
♥ Cyn


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