[Cynful] Clothing & Co . New Release

Hi ladies, first we have a new release woooo! #TWERKS 🙂

While we were all celebrating halloween ..Cyn was tucked away creating the best masterpiece i ever saw! When she passed it to me to try on ….i had to love on it ..and sit on it ..and she needed to tell me to stfu a few times seeing as it made me drool a bit on my keyboard.  

[Cynful] Merc’s Leather Sleeve dress is an incredible one of a kind. When a person thinks of Mercedes…pure luxury, class, power, perfection and dat ass! comes to mind.
That is exactly what Cyn created for us. The dress can be played down for a shopping day with the girls, or amped up for a night on the town. Whatever you fancy, get ready to steal some boyfriends along the way  🙂

Available in the [Cynful] mainstore and marketplace in a huge range of colors with 18 sleeve colors that are hud controlled and of course for all the double D ladies tango appliers are sold separately.

The Boobie Show!
November 2, 2013 through Novemver 30, 2013

Once again its time for The Boobie Show,  Cyn did a little spin off of the previous [Cynful] Sexy Back Dress….and brought us the [Cynful] Sexy Back Jeans Dress, it makes the double D’s look simply incredible. Be daring and go backless, or fancy it up and use the color change hud for the two back-piece option, which can be changed to 15 different colors! Tango Appliers are included. 

[Cynful] Clothing & Co. is also sponsoring  the Grid Wide Hunt organized
by Depraved Promotions called “The Dirty Turkey Hunt” !

More Information here: http://depravednation.com

 And the sister Brand, CnS e-motion is participating too 😀

Did you know? Almost all  [Cynful] Clothing & Co Items (except current Event Items) are available on Marketplace – please click following banner to be forwarded:
Cynful banner marketplace2


Happy Shopping,
♥ Cyn


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