[Cynful] Clothing & Co. New Release & The Dressing Room Event! 11/16/12

We are very excited to release the NEW [Cynful] Clothing & Co. Casual Hoodie! This mesh hoodie is full of comfy warmnessss! Bundle up and be comfy toss off the heels and rock your sexy self in comfort! Available 12 vibrant colors! This item is MESH which means you must have a mesh enabled viewer. 😀

The new Vale’s Turtleneck Dress is partial mesh and has the most comfy fluffy warm collar to provide a little warmth while the dress slips over your curves providing a little heat for those checking out this snug mini! [Cynful] Clothing & Co. has had the great pleasure of being featured at The Dressing Room which means this dress will be available ONLY at the Dressing Room for the next two weeks at a very special price!  

The Vale’s Turtleneck Dress is done in a special suede texture and includes: 2 sleeve lengths, skirt prim, 3 mesh sizes for the mesh option of the skirt, 2 different collar styles in mesh and appliers that work with the Lola!, Tango, ecorp, mci and iboobs)!

All in all for 70 Lindens. Only available for the next 2 weeks @ The Dressing Room. ♥

Happy Weekend,

♥ Cyn

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