[Cynful] Clothing & Co – New Releases

[Cynful] Zia Denim

The [Cynful]´s Zia Denim is a basic-casual yet sexy, lowrise and detailed Jeans with 3 different kind of Sculpted Cuffs!

Solid Jeans + Striped Jeans Version are available – 10 Colors to choose from.

Also Available at the Marketplace Store!

[Cynful] MeshMini Skirt

Available in 8 different Colors, each Colors comes in 8 different Sizes. (Please make sure to try on the Demo!~)

The other Info i wanted to share with you Guys is, that we change our Inventory Server System…
This means Gift Cards are available again!  
In addition, everyone will receive store credits for every item purchased.
Single Colors/Items = 4% Store Credit 
Fatpacks = 10 % Store Credit
 You have also the Option to use the Info Terminal and add some Lindens to it for later useage.
 Some of you might already noticed it, but for those who didnt – here another small Information lol!
I redid the entired Sim Building – New Building for [Cynful], CnS and all the Satelite Stores placed on the District!
 Some Stores still need to Set up their Items, but some are already done! So, have a look arround!
 You can find following Brands at the Cyn City Shopping District!
League, MEYA Poses, NSD, Addict, Bax Coen, Legal Insanity, Energy Footwear, Bubble Gestures, Raw :: House, Bellezza

Please click on logo below to the Mainstore Location.



❤ Cyn

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