[Cynful] Clothing & Co. News

[Cynful] Baubie Hugger Print + Eve’s Skirt @ Brandy Attic

To the Launch of Brandy’s Attic, a vintage clothing store located in The Village where everything is priced L$200 or less from quality SL content creators. The launch will be held in the park right outside the store on Wednesday Feb. 1st at 1pm slt.

The Village ,owned by Kalli Birman and Mankind Tracer, is a 1/4 sim build that has been modeled after Greenwich Village, NYC of the ’70s.

The build features several great designer stores and a club based on the famous CBGB where the punk movement began.

Brandy’s Attic will feature designs from : Blacklace, DeeTalez, Cynful, Sassy!, La Flat, Angelwings, Mashooka, 1 Hundred, Callie Cline, 24 Shoo Shoes, Paris Metro, Vanity Hair, Azoury. Lou Lou * Co & Siss Boom, Evale, Sakide, Snowpaws and The Jewlery Exchange

Brandy Attic Location

For the launch Mankind Tracer will be performing at 1pm slt.

[Cynful] Zone´s Off Shoulder Dress in Leo Print for Womanstuff Hunt

The hunt will run from Friday, February 3 until Saturday, March 3, 2012. – More Details soonish ❤

Please click on logo below to the Mainstore Location.



❤ Cyn

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